Holistic Beauty: Nutrition – Anti-aging medicine and the role in Beauty Related Diseases

Declutter the new perspective of beauty which is called Holistic Beauty, a concept that our appearance outside is connected with what happens inside of us, which means that beauty is far more than just the appearance. Real beauty comes out by nurturing what is inside, and it shows in our mood, vitality, and glow. It is a great concept because it does not shy away from the conventional concept of beauty that is more on the physical side, but it also touches our health, mind, and soul.


SPEAKER: Dr. Ornkes Panyanetinad, M.D, Specialist in Dermatology, Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Oraket Panyanetinat is specialized in Dermatology and aging The most advanced course in dermatology from the Institute of Medicine Americanboard of anti-aging and regenerative medicine. She is also the youngest dermatologist from Ramathibodi Hospital with the number 1 exam scores in educational institutions abroad. In addition, she has been invited as a speaker at many prestigious medical universities. and work experience meetings in education such as Becoming an Anatomy Instructor Molecular Anatomy, Genetics Advanced Cell Biology Instructor, Biochemistry Instructor and research speakers. She was invited to be an expert in teaching integrative dermatology in her Master's and Ph.D. She is also a pioneer in non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation in Asia and is also a trainer of fellow dermatologist for aesthetic physiotherapists around the world. 

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