Beauty does not stop. We've been saying it for a while now, and we continue to collect stories from businesses in the sector that are working hard to help their communities and their customers. Production lines have been rapidly converted to increase the availability of gel hand sanitizers, creative fundraising campaigns have been developed and various activities are underway to provide support for those working on the front lines in hospitals and other facilities.

We launched the #dontstopbeauty social campaign to highlight our exhibitor’ initiatives to support the community and
show the world that the power of beauty never stops! 

Let’s reveal the power of beauty during COVID-19 pandemic!

Join the campaign

Submit the following to [email protected] to take part in this #dontstopbeauty campaign:

1. Name of Product / Project
2. Product Description (50-100 words) in English and Thai (if any)
3. Image in JPEG format with 300dpi resolution
4. Preferred #hashtag - featured exhibitors will be tagged in the post

Each exhibiting company can submit a maximum of 2 products / projects such products/projects should be produced for COVID-19 pandemic protection or support the community. 

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Beauty Community Public Co., Ltd

Chaturong Cooling Limited Part.

Clone Quality Co., Ltd

Hiroko Natural Beauty Co., Ltd

Organics Cosme Co., Ltd.

PPT Plus Co., Ltd.

STS Consumer Products

Talaypu Natural Products Co., Ltd