Ms. Montira Pornprasit


Khun Montira Pornprasit graduated with bachelor degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, from Chulalongkorn University, and advanced her master’s degree in business management at NIDA (National Institute of Development Administration)

Khun Montira has begun her career in the cosmetics industry since her graduation.   Her profession emphasizes on research development of both formulations and packaging. 

With her 14-year tenure at Milott has made an improvement in several areas, such as skin care, hair care, personal care, color cosmetics, dietary supplements, medical devices, production process, production capacity expansion, and quality.       

At present Khun Montira works as Technical Director at Milott.  Profoundly focus on the cosmetic formulation and packaging development in sustainable theme of current demanding customer trends including sustainably sourced ingredients, energy &  water saving manufacturing process, recyclable packaging. etc