Peter Kwong


My lifetime experience and expertise covers a span of more than 30 years in the cosmetic industry through joint-ventures, both in Malaysia and China. Leading these companies in the research, innovation and manufacturing of personal care, toiletries, makeup and skincare cosmetics to serve our most valued brand customers, is a continuous source of learning, achievement and satisfaction.

The Intercosmetic was founded through a joint-venture and technology partnership with a world renowned Italian and Swiss cosmetic group. We were the first and only cosmetic OEM in South-East Asia and China serving Italian and Swiss cosmetic innovation, products, OEM and B2B services to brands and private label owners.

In Malaysia, we have established an R&D center with a modern cosmetic manufacturing facility developing and producing halal-certified cosmetic products for our customers.

Ever still passionate in the cosmetic business, I enthusiastically endeavor to serve our customers with continuous innovation and improvement, to enhance our total-solution value proposition to our customers and making great products to their consumers.