Rujira Trakulyingcharoen


Rujira had been recognized for her skills and creativity in crafting unique and memorable perfumes to reflect brand identities.

Among her creations is “Kawakuchirun” with the honorable mention in Art and Olfaction Awards, one of the biggest international perfume awards. She also extends the works to aromatherapy field using the medical research to support the effect of aroma mechanism and central nervous system. One of the most successful works is “Wando Pillow mist”, the winner of Beauty Shortlist Awards and ELLE Beauty Thailand Awards.

Rujira’s contributions to the perfume industry extend beyond her fragrances; she is known for pushing the boundaries of traditional perfume making by incorporating new techniques and unique presentations. Her perfumes are characterized by a thoughtful blend of top, middle, and base notes, often inspired by natural elements and personal experiences, making each scent a distinctive and memorable creation.