Wei Xiuqing


A member of the top management of Karmarts Public Company Limited, Ms. Kat Wei from Singapore comes with years of experience spanning across IT, Strategic Planning and General Management fields in various industries including land development, healthcare and most of all, beauty. Ms. Wei is also well versed in legal aspects of businesses with her educational background in business law, and is a valuable member of the company, supporting domestic and international expansions and negotiations. When it comes to GEN Z & Millennials, Kat not only works alongside these generations of young people from various countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, China and Taiwan, but also constantly seeks to engage consumers of such age groups through social media. She quoted that the support of her young, fun and adventurous multinational teams are her pillars to lean on when it comes to social media marketing, but Kat has certainly garnered her personal perspectives regarding how business could or should target the GEN Z & Millennials in Beauty Innovation via new social platforms. With that, Kat shall be sharing her personal points of view in this time’s event.